Supplier Relationships

The best products and processes are only as good as the inputs which make them up. At HUSCO International we recognize that world-class products and processes require a world class supply base. All HUSCO suppliers must maintain strict TS 16949 quality standards and follow an aggressive advanced product quality process approach for product launches and changes. Our suppliers are engaged in design and process reviews as well as gage/tooling design efforts and provide valuable assistance in optimizing the commercial and technical needs of the program. Our suppliers are an integral part of the overall project effort.

supplier_largeHUSCO’s global supplier development team works closely with the supply base to ensure clear understanding of product specifications, documentation standards and any other technical or commercial requirements. HUSCO is focused on building successful, long-term supplier relationships and places an emphasis on the development of mutually beneficial partnerships. Consequently, suppliers must understand the overall design intent, operating environment, special performance and design characteristics, and control plan expectations (especially as they pertain to in-process inspections). This enables the supplier to consistently produce fully conforming and validated product. Delivery and quality ppm’s must be below 50 to maintain approved status. The HUSCO supplier development manager facilitates communication flow so that the supplier and HUSCO have full understanding of the program needs and expectations. Our supplier development team members have years of experience in all key component processes. As such, they are able to work with our suppliers in establishing and refining the critical processes necessary to define and economically produce a fully capable solution.

Over the years we have developed some of the most competent component suppliers in the world. In addition to North America, our world class supply base can be found across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A key element of this global sourcing strategy includes maintaining local supplier development support in each of these countries to facilitate regular communication and engagement.

HUSCO’s supplier relationship strategy is built upon mutual respect, trust, and open communication. Recognizing that communication and the bi-directional flow of information and resources is crucial to launching and maintaining a program, HUSCO senior management participates in regular supplier reviews to ensure both parties are kept accountable.

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