Construction Specialty Applications

HUSCO partners with OEMs to design and manufacture specialty custom hydraulic control systems for construction, utlity, material handling and other mobile hydraulic applicationsHUSCO can be your partner in developing the most innovative, highest performing hydraulic systems for your application, whatever that might be. We offer a diverse line of hydraulic control strategies developed for the construction market and built from one of the deepest work function acumen in the industry.

HUSCO’s complete line of products extends from conventional spool type valves to innovative custom cartridge & manifold solutions. Our range of products can handle all pressures and flow capacities found in the market, as well as offering some of the most precise & efficient control options which have been field proven on a variety of machines including backhoes and rough terrain crane applications.

Our experience in designing off-highway hydraulic control spans decades, HUSCO’s extensive work function acumen has allowed us to further refine and customize hydraulic control systems to each OEM’s unique operational parameters through state of the art data acquisition equipment and analysis software and coupled with proprietary software design tools to bring out the best performance from every machine.

Further, HUSCO’s abilities to design and manufacture bespoke hydraulic manifold systems coupled with our product line of automotive grade cartridges makes us a strong partner that can support OEM engineering with our globally-based engineering and production capabilities to offer best in class machine performance.


Manifold Solutions

For over 20 years, HUSCO has been building made-to-order hydraulic integrated circuits using cartridge manifold solutions for the construction market. Leveraging our global engineering staff’s hydraulic and work function acumen, we can design a high performance, bespoke manifold system that brings out the best in whatever the application may be, from mini-excavators, wheel loaders, mining equipment, through to remote applications and large material handling solutions. Read more about HUSCO Manifold capabilities.


Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

HUSCO has introduced its own series of Electro-hydraulic Proportional Pressure Reducing (EPRV) cartridge valves designed to meet the high performance, rough environment and high duty cycle requirements of the off-highway markets. Built using the same design know-how and manufacturing processes as our Automotive group’s high volume products destined for the global OEM vehicle market, we have brought that same level of high quality product to the construction, mining, forestry and material handling markets. With patented design features that set these cartridge valves apart from the competition, a higher level of operational fidelity, repeatability and longevity can be had in electro-hydraulic (EH) systems that open a variety of possibilities. Coupling these hydraulic cartridges with our manifold design and manufacturing capabilities allows a new level of machine control applications. Read more about HUSCO Cartridges.



INCOVA is a revolutionary hydraulic control technology that can improve machine efficiency by more than 20% whilst providing next generation machine control, flexibility and application of operator defined modes. INCOVA overcomes the efficiency and controllability barriers of conventional excavator main control valve technology by replacing current mechanically-limited spool valve systems with intelligent independently actuated electronic controls. INCOVA is an excellent technology for high precision applications as well as in remote hydraulic control situations. Contact us to talk about how INCOVA components can be used to take machines to the next level of Electro Hydraulic precision and productivity.



HUSCO has leveraged its automotive and system integration expertise to develop cab, axle and boom suspension control valves for the off-highway equipment market. HUSCO’s patented disc pack and EHPV technologies transform an ordinary hydraulic cylinder into an automotive-style strut to provide true passive or semi-active suspension damping performance to reduce vibrations. Reducing operator fatigue stemming from machinery vibration allows equipment operators to increase productivity by performing work functions at faster speeds. HUSCO offers a range of suspension products from passive to fully active for optimized vehicle control and comfort. Learn more

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