Off-Highway Cartridge Valves

HUSCO’s new family of cartridge valve products blend the high-volume product design and manufacturing approach developed by the Automotive division with a modular product family design concept that provides a flexible and expandable product family that will meet the needs of several off-highway market segments.

The new cartridge platform uses a common, automotive-grade, high-volume solenoid “force motor” that has been highly refined to achieve the most consistent and efficient magnetic force while minimizing part count, optimizing for manufacturing and lowering product cost.

HUSCO’s Modular Electro-Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Family provides nearly infinite range of applications

The modular design approach allows HUSCO to provide a wide range of cartridge valve logic and control options that are commonly required by off-highway applications like power plant and drive train control, precision access equipment and a variety of hydraulic control system operations. Some of the popular cartridge valve options currently available include:

  • 2-position 3-way proportional pressure reducing valves to control the actuating spool on main control valves
  • 2-position 4-way on-off valves for transmission controls
  • 3-position 4-way proportional or on-off valves to control various low flow function applications

HUSCO’s family of electro-hydraulic cartridge valves and manifold valves are planned to start mass production in late 2017.

Learn more about how HUSCO Automotive technologies or the advancements that have gone into HUSCO’s cartridge valves for Off-Highway or contact HUSCO Off-Highway for more information or to discuss your application.

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