Suspension Solutions


HUSCO suspension technologies bring a simpler, more refined suspension to the Off-highway market. We not only design and manufacture suspension systems, we also have the capabilities and machine level expertise to develop our suspension products into custom applications. HUSCO has facilities located worldwide that are capable of designing & testing machines in real world conditions and providing world-class results for our customers. Our design and engineering teams are capable of complete machine tests & evaluations that allow custom modifications to be made in order to produce the best product for a given machine. The suspension technologies currently available at HUSCO are the semi-active, double-acting, and ReGen valves. The unique design capabilities we offer allows HUSCO to offer an unlimited array of suspension solutions to fit your applications for cab suspension, axle suspension, and suspended hitch application for on-road or off-road functions.


Double Acting Suspension Valve Systems

The double-acting valve is a full-featured solution for higher-performance applications. Lockdown functions provide precise machine operations when needed. Manual override and emergency lower provides an increased element of safety when operating the machine by providing a safe system discharge capability. Equipped with linear spring rate and two-sided cylinder management, the double-acting valve creates a uniform machine ride across a variety of load conditions. The system also provides overpressure protection for cylinders, accumulators and pipework in the suspension system that reduces damage caused by large terrain features. Learn more about the double-acting valve here.

ReGen (ReGenerative) Suspension Systems

The ReGen valve is a cost-effective suspension solution with a smaller package size than the competition. At the heart of this product is the patented HUSCO Disk Pack valve, that offers no-compromise, regenerative configuration ensuring precise tuning of damping ratios to allow for independent bump and rebound damping. This suspension solution requires only a single, proportionally-sized accumulator, greatly reducing system costs. Lockdown functionality locks the suspension in closed positions to allow for precise tractor operations. Manual override and emergency lower functionality provides increased safety functionality. Over-pressure protection for cylinders, accumulators and pipework in the suspension system reduces damage caused by large terrain features. Learn more about the ReGen valve here.

Semi-Active Suspension Valve Systems

The semi-active valve is a fast-acting, high-performance valve designed with automotive-grade technology and ride quality. This valve has the option to work alongside the double-acting and ReGen valves to provide fast-acting damping that improves comfort, control and stability in all driving conditions. The valve also has the ability to lock the suspension in any position to increase precise machine operations. Learn more about the semi-active valve here.

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