ReGen Suspension


The HUSCO ReGen valve is a cost-effective suspension solution in a small package size. The HUSCO Disc Pack’s no-compromise, regenerative configuration ensures precise tuning of damping ratios to allow for independent bump and rebound damping. This suspension solution requires only a single, proportionally-sized accumulator that greatly reduces system costs. Lockdown functionality locks the suspension in closed positions to allow for precise tractor operations. Manual-override and emergency-lower functionality provides increased functionality. Over-pressure protection for cylinders, accumulators and pipework in the suspension system reduces damage caused by large terrain features.



Features and Specifications:Options:
  • 18,000 N min load
  • <2cc @ 100 bar system leakage
  • Lockdown function
  • Manual override/emergency lower
  • Overpressure protection
  • Full lockout
  • Predictive damping & proportional engage
  • Dual rate ReGen (10,000 N min load)
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