Proprietary Suspension Technology



At the core of HUSCO Suspension valves are unique technologies developed by HUSCO specifically for OEM suspension requirements.


Disc Packs


Developed from automotive-grade damping curves, patented HUSCO Disk Packs have best-in-class ride quality. Tuned for high- and low-speed passive damping in one component, HUSCO Disk Packs reduce system complexity. HUSCO offers the capability to customize our Disk Packs’ performance including the opportunity for independent rebound and bump damping to provide increased comfort and control for an array of applications in the off-highway market.


Electro-Hydraulic Poppet Valves


Developed for increased suspension control and comfort, HUSCO electro-hydraulic poppet valves lead the industry in event response times for optimum vibration reduction. Electro-hydraulic poppet valves offer fully programmable semi-active solutions for proven field and roading control. Read more about HUSCO EHPVs.

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