Double Acting Suspension


The double-acting valve is a full-featured solution for higher-performance applications. Lockdown functions provide precise machine operations when needed. Manual override and emergency lower functionality provides an increased element of safety when operating by providing safe system discharges that minimize the risk of trapped limbs or high-pressure oil jet injury during maintenance. Equipped with linear spring rates and two-sided cylinder management, the double-acting valve creates a uniform machine ride across a large range of load conditions. The valve also offers overpressure protection for cylinders, accumulators and pipework in the suspension system that reduces damage caused by large terrain features.



Features and Specifications:Options:
  •  0 N min load
  • <2cc @ 100 bar system leakage
  • Lockdown function
  • Manual override/emergency lower
  • Over-pressure protection
  • Full lockout
  • Predictive damping & proportional engage
  • Hydro-mechanical rod-side pressure control
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