HUSCO Suspension Systems



HUSCO has leveraged its automotive and system-integration expertise to develop cab and axle suspension control valves for the off-highway equipment market. HUSCO’s patented suspension circuits, Disc Pack and EHPV technologies transform an ordinary hydraulic cylinder into an automotive-style strut that provides true suspension performance, as well as effectively diminishing vibrations.

These systems allow equipment operators to increase productivity by performing work functions at faster speeds, while reducing operator fatigue. HUSCO offers a range of suspension products from passive to active for optimized vehicle control and comfort.


Originating from advanced automotive technology, HUSCO’s solutions have been used in a variety of machine implementations from cab suspension & hitch control to axle vibration & dive mitigation for machines ranging from 75 to 450 hp.

To learn more about our large selection of suspension products see our Suspension Solutions page.

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