Hitch Control Valves

HUSCO offers custom and standard valves for control of tractor hitches. These valves have been carefully designed to ensure optimal control by OEM software or the optional HUSCO Hitch with EZ-Select® electronic control hardware.

The hitch valves can be stand-alone or can be incorporated into a sectional valve stack for control of other functions.

The HUSCO VFH900 is a standard stand-alone hitch valve and is ideal for tractor applications below 100 HP.

Download Product Brochure (PDF 156 KB)

Features & Specifications

    • Flow rate:

In valve stack: 120 lpm

Stand-alone VFH900: 90 lpm

  • Operating pressure: 200 bar
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 105°C


  • Stand-alone valve
  • Integration into a sectional valve stack
  • Load holding leakage: less than 1 ccm at 100 bar
  • Custom designs to incorporate other control functions
  • Can be used with open or closed center pump systems

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