Integrated Systems

HUSCO International offers several complete systems that integrate mobile hydraulic control valves, electronics, and sensors. HUSCO’s product, application, and control expertise enable seamless machine Integration. These systems include the HUSCO Hitch with EZ Select, INCOVA, suspension control, as well as interaction tuning between joystick controls and control valves.


INCOVA is a revolutionary hydraulic control technology that maximizes efficiency and controllability of construction equipment. INCOVA overcomes the efficiency and controllability barriers of conventional technology by replacing previous mechanically limited systems with intelligent electronic controls. While conventional systems have to sacrifice controllability to improve efficiency, INCOVA can improve efficiency >20% while simultaneously improving controllability. Learn more

HUSCO Hitch with EZ Select®

The HUSCO Hitch with EZ-Select® control system is an innovative, operator-friendly package that provides closed-loop control of tractor three-point hitches and similar functions such as combine harvester headers. The EZ-Select®system combines an electronic interface controller, sensors, and mobile hydraulic control valves for a completely integrated vehicle solution. Learn more


HUSCO has leveraged its automotive and system integration expertise to develop cab and axle suspension control valves for the off-highway equipment market. HUSCO’s patented disc pack and EHPV technologies transform an ordinary hydraulic cylinder into an automotive-style strut to provide true suspension damping performance to attenuate vibrations. These systems allow equipment operators to increase productivity by performing work functions at faster speeds, while reducing operator fatigue. HUSCO offers a range of suspension products from passive to active for optimized vehicle control and comfort. Learn more.

PPC’s and Joysticks

HUSCO offers a range of pilot pressure joysticks and pedal controllers that can be used in conjunction with its range of mobile hydraulic control valves. These pilot controllers include single and dual axis control for precise metering of valves in skid steers, telehandlers, wheel loaders, backhoes, and other applications. Learn more

Hitch Control Valves

HUSCO offers custom and standard mobile hydraulic control valves for tractor hitches. These valves have been carefully designed to ensure optimal control by OEM software or the optional HUSCO Hitch with EZ-Select® electronic control hardware. Learn more

Header Control Valves

Header thumbHUSCO offers mobile hydraulic control valves for combine harvester header control. The header control valves include the ability to provide position, tilt, transport, and ground pressure control. Learn more

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