FS Platform

The most significant advance in hydraulic valves for construction equipment in the last 40 years, Flow Summation™ control valves combine variable pump efficiency and open center valve simplicity with controllability & efficiency comparable to more complex and expensive 20 ton excavator systems. Flow summation brings the best available performance at a competitive cost to backhoes, excavators, telehandlers, wheel loaders, skidsteers and a host of other machine applications.

Flow Summation control valves provide many advantages to the mobile construction equipment market.  The efficiency benefits have been proven on multiple machine platforms with fuel efficiency improvements ranging from 10% to 20%.  The technology also simultaneously provides smoother, more stable control than PCLS systems by employing excavator control strategies.  These results were achieved using a refined, simple solution, while maintaining compatibility with Load Sense variable pumps, making for easy installation into existing systems.

Flow Summation valves can be actuated with manual, pilot-operated  or electro-hydraulic (EH) configurations. It can be designed into a sectional or mono-block configuration to best fit the needs of the application. Adding to the configurability of the platform, Flow Summation comes in a number of standard flow sizes that appeal to a wide variety of applications.

FS-series valve performance has been validated by HUSCO and multiple machine manufacturers worldwide through extensive machine testing performed by OEM engineers and expert operators.  With its engineered compensation schemes, machines equipped with Flow Summation valve technology operate at a lower average power consumption for a given productivity rate and deliver fuel efficiency improvements as high as 20%.  In addition, expert operator feedback on the improved controllability has been extraordinary.  Operators have consistently rated FS-series valves to be smoother and more controllable than competing systems.

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