Hydraulic Control Valves


Innovative Spool Valve Platforms for Every Application

HUSCO has made a history of building hydraulic control systems for a variety of markets. From agricultural applications like tractors, combines and implements to the variety of earthmoving applications including cranes, backhoes, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders or dozers and even haul trucks, excavators and other purpose built mining machines, HUSCO has had products on nearly everything that lifts, moves or extracts materials today.

Being the innovation leader in the mobile hydraulic control market has come from not only designing the best quality products but developing new technologies that sets the company’s offerings apart from the competition – both in quality and high performance. Our innovations reach across the entire spectrum of off-highway hydraulics including open center, closed center, PCLS, cartridges and market changing firsts in Flow Summation and INCOVA, the industry’s first mass produced independently metering (IMV) hydraulic control system.

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HUSCO Hydraulic Control Valve Platforms


HUSCO’s next generation PCLS platform is designed to take on the corner cases of machine control found in the more complex machines such as excavators and mini-excavators, HUSCO’s MX series offers smart priority and specifically designed for the integration of electro-hydraulic control, both of these   features set them apart from the competition. . The gains from the MX series’ unique abilities – when coupled with HUSCO’s market leading machine tuning capability and flexibility – allows for tangible machine performance and efficiency gains in many of the most challenging operating scenarios.


Combining the best characteristics of open center valve simplicity & feel with modern closed center performance of a single Load Sense (LS) pump, the FS series of hydraulic control valves represent one of the biggest evolution in mobile hydraulic control valve development.

Initially designed for use in excavators where it’s flow sharing capabilities helps mitigate multifunction issues, the FS series of main control valves have found significant success in other machine types like skid steer loaders, tracked dozers and wheel loaders where its quick reaction speeds and smooth control have given the range the opportunity to unlock maximum machine performance in a cost effective, simple package.


For nearly 10 years, HUSCO’s SCX line of closed center, post-pressure compensated sectional control valves have been used throughout the off-highway machine market. The SCX sectional valve is designed to have the best characteristics for an industry standard PCLS valve including controllability and flexibility –especially when combined with HUSCO’s unique knowledge base and machine tuning abilities.


The VF series of closed center rear remote valves have been designed specifically for the agricultural tractor market. The pre-pressure compensated architecture has been configured to operate in the specialized and demanding world of farming and offers flow rates of 100 to 160 lpm. The VF sectional hydraulic valves are also available in Electro-hydraulic control or manual actuation.

Core Closed Center Products

HUSCO has a range of time-tested closed center hydraulic valve products. Used with LS or electric power control pumps, our core closed center valves offer a level of performance that exceeds the simpler open center offerings. As with most of the HUSCO core products the closed center range is available in monoblock or sectional configuration with electro-hydraulic, pilot and manual control options.

Core Open Center Products

HUSCO’s large portfolio of open center valve platforms encompasses the 9210 valve built for small machines, the renouned5000 line of products that has been used in nearly every sort of earthmoving machine application, all the way up to the 6500 series of split spool valves used in house-sized haul truck machines. The range also encompasses both sectional and monoblock configurations and flows of 5 lpm to beyond 900 lpm.

Bespoke Solutions

While HUSCO has a number of off-the-shelf hydraulic control valve solutions readily available, we pride ourselves in understanding the unique operating environments of our customers’ products and building custom solutions to extract the best possible performance from their machines. From modifying current production products to designing and manufacturing truly one-off hydraulic control solutions, HUSCO is determined to be our customer’s trusted supplier that will go further to provide the right solution.


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