The Hydraulic Electronic Controller (HEC-808) is a cost-effective, rugged, general purpose electronic controller with the capability of driving up to 8 coils. This compact controller can be used in a variety of agricultural, construction, forestry and material handling applications. The HEC-808 was designed to drive 4 valve sections independently with either analog or CAN (ISO-11783, J1939 or CAN open) commands. Optional position sensors can be added for closed loop control.

Download Product Brochure (PDF 206 KB)

Features & Specifications

  • Aluminum housing – encapsulated electronics
  • CAN 2.0B capable (connections to joystick and other controllers)
  • ISO-11783, J1939, and CAN open compatible
  • 8-bit processor
  • IP 67 rated
  • 8-18 VDC operating voltage
  • 4 analog inputs (0-5 Volts, 10-bit resolution)
  • 3 digital inputs (0-5 Volts)
  • 8 current controlled PWM signals with current feedback (0-2 Amps)
  • Integrated 5 VDC supply to drive external sensors


  • HUSCO provided control algorithm
  • Customer controller configuration

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