HUSCO International provides electronic controllers that can be used to supplement the hydraulic control valves as part of a system or as a stand-alone for other applications. These controllers include the 8-driver HEC808, the dual-drive HSC, the HVC with integrated pressure sensors, and the EZ Select interface controller.


The Hydraulic Electronic Controller (HEC-808) is a cost-effective, rugged, general purpose electronic controller with the capability of driving up to 8 coils. This compact controller can be used in a variety of agricultural, construction, forestry and material handling applications. The HEC-808 was designed to drive 4 valve sections independently with either analog or CAN (ISO-11783, J1939 or CAN open) commands. Optional position sensors can be added for closed loop control. Learn more

HUSCO Hitch with EZ Select®

The HUSCO Hitch with EZ-Select® control system is an innovative, operator-friendly package that provides closed-loop control of tractor three-point hitches and similar functions such as combine harvester headers. The EZ-Select®system combines an electronic interface controller, sensors, and mobile hydraulic control valves for a completely integrated vehicle solution. Learn more


The pressure sensors embedded into the INCOVA HVC (Hydraulic Valve Controller) have the best accuracy, stability and durability available. Instead of settling for insufficient components that already existed, the controller was designed for harsh real-world applications and validated to HUSCO cylinder mounted electrical and environmental standards (EMC, EMI, shock, etc.) that are much higher than industry standards. These tests included submersion 3x deeper than IP67 requirements and shock cycles greatly exceeding any off-highway standards. Learn more

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