Cartridge Valves

HUSCO International has several hydraulic cartridges for stand-alone and integrated solutions to meet common and custom application requirements. HUSCO’s patented EHPV is a versatile, low-leak proportional poppet valve. HUSCO’s pilot control cartridges are suitable for valve control as well as stand-alone applications such as transmission control. HUSCO also has family of relief valves to meet wide variety of application requirements.



The EHPV® (Electro-Hydraulic Poppet Valve) is the key hardware component required to achieve independent metering and is the best throttling valve available on the market. It can proportionally meter oil from 7 to over 350bar, is self piloted (does not need an external pilot supply), has very low leakage, and very low hysteresis. Learn more

Electric Pressure Reducing Valve (EPRV)

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A direct-acting, 3-way normally closed spool type, flange mounted, pressure reducing valve: which can generate a variable pressure output in response to variable electric input. Learn more

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