Hydraulic Control Valves

Hydraulic control valves

HUSCO International manufactures mobile hydraulic control valves for a diverse range of mobile equipment applications. These control valves satisfy requirements up to 950 lpm and 350 bar and applications for both open center and closed center systems. HUSCO’s standard control valve products have been designed to enable OEMs to optimize the control, productivity, efficiency, and value of the machine. Mechanical, pilot operated, pneumatic, and electronic actuation options are available. Learn More

Integrated Systems

integrated systems

HUSCO International offers several complete systems that integrate mobile hydraulic control valves, electronics, and sensors. HUSCO’s product, application, and control expertise enable seamless machine integration. These systems include the HUSCO Hitch with EZ Select, INCOVA, suspension control, as well as interaction tuning between joystick controls and control valves. Learn More



HUSCO International provides electronic controllers that can be used to supplement the mobile hydraulic control valves as part of a system or as a stand-alone for other applications. These controllers include the 8-driver HEC808, the dual-drive HSC, the HVC with integrated pressure sensors, and the EZ Select interface controller. Learn More

Cartridge Valves

cartridge valves

HUSCO International has several hydraulic cartridges for stand-alone and integrated solutions to meet common and custom application requirements. HUSCO’s patented EHPV is a versatile, low-leak proportional poppet valve. HUSCO’s pilot control cartridges are suitable for valve control as well as stand-alone applications such as transmission control. HUSCO also has family of relief valves to meet wide variety of application requirements. Learn More

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