Powertrain and Transmission

HUSCO International Electro-hydraulic powertrain & transmission contol systems

Powertrain control applications require high duty cycle reliability, they also require high precision repeatability to make sure every actuation is performed in the same manner, regardless of environment and that does not detract from the performance or comfort of the machine. These applications need to have the lowest possible part-to-part variance to reduce the need for per-component tuning in production. The components within these integrated systems need to operate flawlessly over the life-cycle of the machine with as little degradation in performance as possible. All of these aspects come together to form a component specification with one of the most stringent hydraulic demands in the industry.

HUSCO has a 20 year history of producing electro-hydraulic control systems for managing automotive drivetrain applications including specialized transmission controls that are pivotal in bringing out the best in vehicle efficiency. This is in addition to the experience we have in designing and producing high volume suspension, steering and engine management controls.

At HUSCO Off-Highway, we are bringing our Automotive division’s single digit PPM quality and powertrain experience to bring world class technology to the powertrain, advanced gearbox and transmission markets. HUSCO will use its automotive supply chain and manufacturing technologies to bring unique, competitive, high performance products to the Off-Highway and commercial vehicle markets.

Our products are designed from decades of machine acumen know-how combined with a novel modular approach to manufacturing cartridge valves. This method allows for far greater flexibility in developing cost effective, bespoke solutions as well as lowering the overall costs of our standard proportional valve offerings. Combining these aspects with our history of developing custom control blocks for a variety of applications proves HUSCO is the best choice supplier for advanced transmission, lubrication, cooling, 4 wheel drive and other auxiliary systems.


HUSCO Electro-Hydraulic (EH) cartridge solenoids for transmissions, clutch control, gear shifting, PTO


Partnering with our Automotive division, HUSCO has introduced its own series of Electro-hydraulic Proportional Pressure Reducing (EPRV) cartridge valves designed to meet the performance and duty cycle requirements of the off-highway,  transmission and drivetrain markets.

Built using the same design know-how and manufacturing processes as our Automotive group’s high volume products destined for the global OEM passenger vehicle market, we have brought that same level of high quality product to clutch control, gear shifting and power take off engagement applications. With unique design features that set these transmission cartridge valves apart from the competition, a higher level of operational fidelity, repeatability and longevity can be had in the EH hydraulic control of driveline systems that open the possibility for automotive grade performance.

Coupling these hydraulic cartridges with our manifold design and manufacturing capabilities allows a new level of machine control applications. Read more about HUSCO Cartridges.


For over 20 years, HUSCO has been building made-to-order hydraulic integrated circuits using cartridge manifold solutions for the agricultural and construction markets. Leveraging our knowledge base of hydraulic circuit design and global engineering staff, we can custom design a manifold system that works with the highest level of mobile application performance for whatever the application may be. From operating dual-clutch transmissions, managing continuously variable transmissions, directing hybrid transmissions or routing power through drivetrains and other auxiliary systems, Read more about HUSCO Manifold capabilities.


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