MX Valve Platform

HUSCO’s MX line of PCLS hydraulic control valves are the next step in controllability, configurability and efficiency. Adding to the already formidable capabilities of our market-tested SCX line of PCLS control valves, the MX has been designed with a number of advanced features including extra degrees of tuning that allow many more ways to tune a machine’s hydraulic systems for extracting greater performance in nearly any operating scenario.

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Unique MX FeaturesMX Product Range

Flow-splitting technology allows for an even greater degree of multi-function tuning flexibility than other PCLS technologies on the market.

  • Pump flow splitting can be customized for each function to improve overall performance and productivity.
  • Patent-pending pump flow-splitting technology only available from HUSCO International
  • Dedicated compensator bypass improves overall performance and productivity.
    • Provides another tuning variable for additional multi-function capability
    • Patented technology not available on any competitive product.
  • High-efficiency variable regen circuit improves overall digging productivity.
    • Allows for the speed benefits of regen when needed, while reducing pressure drop in the dig when regen is not needed
    • HUSCO exclusive dedicated regen flow passage offers less flow restrictions than in-spool designs currently available
    • This special circuit is typically only seen on larger, more advanced excavators.
  • Dedicated load sense circuit on slew function for more efficient use of pump power.
    • Avoids pump power from being wasted over slew pressure relief valves when slew function is accelerating
    • Separate load sense relief valve only for slew function.
  • Improved circuit design allows about 40% lower pressure drop across compensator & load check, reducing wasted energy
  • Compact packaging that lends itself to easy installation; platform footprint is comparable to current LS market offerings


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