MX – Next Generation PCLS Valve


The development of HUSCO International’s MX series of hydraulic control valves is story of engineering capability, speed and teamwork that spans the globe.

A modern excavator is on the move now more than ever and especially when working on the jobsite. Machines must be ready to adapt to the needs of an operator that requires multifunction abilities with a minimum of sacrifice from the tracks. Current solutions typically have no choice but to either rob power from travel, making the machine stop while other functions operate, or steal that same power from other functions just to keep the machine moving.

Seeing that OEM customers have recognized multifunction priority is becoming a necessary capability – and one that current spool valve solutions on the market are not well suited to address – HUSCO applied its deep engineering expertise to solve the issue that has stymied the hydraulic control valve industry thus far.

Leveraging HUSCO’s product development expertise, hydraulic knowledge base and a focus on industry-leading innovation, the company partnered with valued customers to develop a solution that treats the inherent drawbacks of current spool-based hydraulic control systems in intensive multifunction situations. HUSCO added to the challenge by mandating the system to be more approachable through the ability to function on only a single PCLS pump while still delivering 20 ton excavator performance in a cost-effective package for mini and midi excavators.

 MX-testing-pictures-China MX-testing-pictures-USA
Early MX prototype in operation at HUSCO testing facility in Shanghai, ChinaProduction-intent MX valve in real-world application testing at HUSCO’s Waukesha, WI facility


Spearheading the development was the engineering team from HUSCO’s Shanghai facility with occasional support from US facilities. Within six months of laying down the conceptual groundwork for the system, the Shanghai engineering team developed a platform that was designed from the start to treat the weaknesses of conventional PCLS control systems while leveraging the benefits of HUSCO’s Flow Summation technology.

Early prototyping indicated that the new MX system could in fact offer the sort of multifunction performance that was missing with current spool valve systems. After extensively testing and refining the system in simulation, the valve was operated in real world applications mounted on earth moving machines in the field. Less than six months later, HUSCO’s international team of engineers moved the project from proof of concept to production intent.

What came out of HUSCO’s development program is a sectional spool valve that offers the best in multifunction tuning within a spatial envelope that’s comparable to current PCLS offerings. The valve also features improved system efficiency as well as total hydraulic system cost by requiring only a single PCLS pump to provide these capabilities.

HUSCO’s MX line is now available to the market. Read about the versions available and in-depth discussion of its unique features on the MX product page.


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