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INCOVA is a radically new technology for controlling off-highway equipment that is the result of more than ten years of research & development. The INCOVA system was initially conceived with the specific objective of achieving a breakthrough in the efficiency & controllability of large hydraulic excavators, but the system has since been successfully applied to a wide range of off-highway equipment including Telescopic Material Handlers, Backhoe Loaders, “mini” and “midi” Excavators, Articulated Cranes, and Forestry Equipment.


What is INCOVA?

Systems What is INCOVAINCOVA is an electro-hydraulic system that utilizes Independent Metering Valves (EHPV) to achieve a wide range of benefits including dramatically improved fuel efficiency, faster cycle times with improved controllability, improved uptime & diagnostics, and electronically tunable operating modes. The INCOVA valves can be packaged in the traditional chassis-mounted location or distributed onto the cylinder to provide integral load-holding and local regeneration.Learn More


Development Process

The mission of the INCOVA engineering team is to develop systems and components that provide tangible benefits to the end-user. We achieve this by relying on a cross-functional team including hydraulic system experts, academic & research institutions and our OEM partners. The application of an INCOVA system to a new vehicle platform is based on a rigorous joint development process with the OEM that includes a thorough baseline evaluation, detailed modeling, and clear validation of the program’s specific performance objectives.Learn More


INCOVA Applications

The INCOVA system has broad applicability across a wide range of off-highway equipment and can be applied as the primary control system or as an intelligent sub-system used to complement traditional hydraulics. INCOVA is the only Independent Metering system currently in serial production.
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