INCOVA Hydraulic Control System

Maximum efficiency and controllability without trade-offs

INCOVA is a revolutionary hydraulic control technology that maximizes efficiency and controllability of construction equipment. INCOVA overcomes the efficiency and controllability barriers of conventional technology by replacing previous mechanically limited systems with intelligent electronic controls. While conventional systems have to sacrifice controllability to improve efficiency, INCOVA can improve efficiency by more than 20% while simultaneously improving controllability.

INCOVA uses high pressure sensors and advanced software controls to optimally control independent valves and pumps.
incova_diag schematic

INCOVA technology represents a change similar to the engine control technology revolution of the 1980’s. The vehicle market required dramatic improvements in fuel control for emissions and efficiency. The carburetor had become complicated, expensive, and could not meet the emissions and efficiency targets. The solution was to go in a new direction—electronically controlled fuel injection.

Conventional hydraulic valves are similar to the carburetor: dramatic improvements in efficiency and maintaining controllability are required, but not possible. By including pressure sensor feedback, advanced control software and independent control valves, INCOVA has revolutionized the hydraulic control industry and broken through hydraulic efficiency and controllability barriers.


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