INCOVA – Continuous Improvement

continuous_improvement2At HUSCO we partner with the highest performing and most demanding customer base in the world. This requires us to turn imperfect designs, imperfect components, and imperfect manufacturing processes into 100% perfect end products. HUSCO has grown and prospered in this demanding environment due to our fanatical focus on continuous improvement and root cause problem solving.
HUSCO embraces a Lean Six Sigma philosophy. Lean concepts are effective for addressing sources of defects and waste that are not easily seen. The Six Sigma methodology is an effective tool for identifying root cause problems and implementing permanent fixes. Through rigorous training and application of these tools across all branches of the organization, HUSCO focuses on understanding and eliminating process variation and driving continuous improvement.
Opportunities for continuous improvement, problem resolution, and waste (variation) reduction must all begin with data. HUSCO’s Six Sigma trained organization uses disciplined statistical tools coupled with explicit financial objectives to secure bottom line results. This data-driven problem solving approach enables win-win scenarios for HUSCO, our customers, and our suppliers.
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