INCOVA – Components

INCOVA’s core technology development was multi-faceted, requiring a new family of components and software. Although advances had been made in existing pressure sensors, independent valves and control software, none of them were sufficient for INCOVA. Everything needed improvement — from cost, to performance, to packaging. Led by a multi-disciplined team of experts from industry and academia, INCOVA has raised the bar of innovation within the hydraulics industry.

The INCOVA system is comprised of three fundamental building blocks:


The EHPV (Electro-Hydraulic Poppet Valve) is the key hardware component required to achieve independent metering and is the best throttling valve available on the market. It can proportionally meter oil from 7 to over 350bar, is self piloted (does not need an external pilot supply), has very low leakage, very low hysteresis and – through application of our automotive manufacturing expertise – will soon be completely interchangeable (doesn’t require calibration). Additionally, the compact size of the EHPV makes it possible to locate the valve in the optimal location on the vehicle. The EHPV has been in serial production since 2002 and has delivered outstanding durability performance with hundreds of thousands of units in the field. There are several valve sizes available to meet the requirements of all varieties of off-highway equipment. In addition to its use in INCOVA systems, the EHPV is also utilized in other applications including suspension, agricultural hitch systems, hydrostatic propulsion and other unique circuits.Learn More


The Controller

Pressure sensor technology has been used in industrial controls for years, but only recently has it been used in on and off-highway applications that require both high performance and low cost. Five technologies were evaluated and tested before selecting the best technology available for INCOVA. The sensors embedded into the INCOVA HVC (Hydraulic Valve Controller) has the best accuracy, stability and durability available. Instead of settling for insufficient components that already existed, the controller was designed and validated for harsh real-world applications. These tests included submersion 3x deeper than the industry standard IP67 tests and shock cycle testing greatly exceeding any off-highway standards.Learn More

The Software

The advanced controls software used in the INCOVA system have been developed over the past ten years by combining the expertise of a group of control theory experts with the pragmatic real world experience of hydraulic engineers working on OEM applications. It is through this collaborative effort that the breakthrough INCOVA control concepts are developed. INCOVA controls are based on a “first principles” understanding of how to control an actuator with the highest efficiency. The INCOVA controls incorporate not only the independent metering valves but also optimal pump controls and power limiting.
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