Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Design


The new hydraulic cartridge valve designs have been developed specifically for the challenging environments off-highway machines operate in. After reviewing existing products’ performance characteristics currently available in the market, the HUSCO design team focused on two primary areas of product improvement. The first area is repeatable high precision performance. This was achieved by optimizing the magnetic field efficiency, allowing for more consistent solenoid operation. Reducing part count inside the assembly also significantly reduces the impact of part tolerances, further improving the product fidelity.

The second area of improvement focused on overall product robustness and durability. The HUSCO team utilized an innovative armature bearing design developed for extremely high duty cycle automotive applications. The new bearing is designed to reduce sensitivity to contamination. Improved molding of the coil and connector also helps to achieve best in class environmental ratings.

The HUSCO team developing the new family of hydraulic cartridge valves has designed for a broad range of applications that can benefit from the improved product performance.

Material Handling & Access

For material handling and access equipment applications, many of the hydraulic systems in use require low flow electro-hydraulic controls including the hydraulic implements, steering, drive control and miscellaneous auxiliary function controls.

OEMs choose HUSCO for their control needs on material handling and access equipment because they know they are getting the best combination of industry leading quality & performance, collaborative engineering support to deliver solutions optimized for their needs, and a proven, stable and reliable supplier that delivers outstanding customer service.

Transmission & Powertrain

Transmission and powertrain controls are a strong area of application as more and more off-highway machines and utility vehicles adopt increasingly sophisticated options including dual clutch transmissions, semi-automatic / manual control, 2WD / 4WD drive switching and differential lock controls.

HUSCO knows transmission controls need higher specification hydraulic cartridge valves to meet performance and duty cycle requirements. Powertrain applications often require customized circuits and packaging, as well. HUSCO is uniquely qualified to meet both of these needs with the experience and capabilities from our Automotive and Off-Highway divisions.


Electro-hydraulic Control

The trend towards electro-hydraulic implement controls on earth moving and construction equipment is increasing year over year. This migration toward advanced EH control is driven by increased demand for safety, performance, efficiency and operator comfort.

HUSCO has over ten years of experience producing proportional electro-hydraulic cartridge valves used in off-highway equipment applications with hundreds of thousands of units in the field. Our hydraulic cartridge valves can be found in every major market ranging from earth moving equipment to forestry equipment, agricultural tractors, forklift trucks, mining equipment and cranes, operating across the globe. When OEMs are looking to implement electro-hydraulic controls on their machines, they depend on HUSCO’s combined acumen in control valve systems, application know how and our electro-hydraulic cartridge valve design and manufacturing capabilities.


Engine Control Applications

Engine control applications are another ideal use for the new family of products, especially as lower volume equipment applications begin to adopt some of the new efficiency and performance improvement features that have allowed on-highway automotive vehicles to make significant improvements.   Engine applications include fuel controls, oil pump & turbo charger controls, variable camshaft timing control and start-stop technologies.

HUSCO Automotive is a global leader in electro-hydraulic solenoid valve production for engine controls, producing millions of units each year. The ability to leverage this deep product design knowledge and application knowhow for off-highway applications makes HUSCO the ideal choice when OEMs are looking to take their engine applications to the next level.

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