HUSCO Manifold Valve Manufacturing

HUSCO’s extensive manufacturing expertise and knowhow gives us the ability to integrate cartridge valves, spool-type control valves and manifold valves in nearly unlimited configurations, giving us the flexibility to develop the highest value solutions for each application.

When HUSCO works with an OEM on a new application, our engineering teams collaborate closely with the OEM to optimize the product design in order to provide the highest level of value, functionality and overall machine performance that the OEM is looking for. HUSCO’s spirit of innovation and quality allows for the development of unique product solutions that are not available in the market, while achieving near zero-defect quality levels.

For over 10 years, HUSCO has been designing and manufacturing manifold valve systems for a number of large OEMs across the globe with a variety of off-highway applications including bespoke suspension solutions and INCOVA-based high precision control systems. Whether it be for cost effective packaging for production runs where custom castings are cost prohibitive or for integrating some of the most advanced cartridge valve implementations on the market, HUSCO has the experience and the capabilities needed for the highest levels of quality and performance.

This world-class engineering and manufacturing is a hallmark of HUSCO’s Off-Highway division, based on over 60 years of experience designing, sourcing and machining grey iron and ductile castings and manifold housings for spool-type control valves used in nearly every type of hydraulic machinery including earth moving equipment, agricultural tractors and mining equipment to name a few.

Read more about the design innovations in HUSCO’s cartridge valve family that we use for our manifold applications.


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