HUSCO Automotive Collaboration

HUSCO’s cartridge valve and manifold valve products offer a unique blend of product design, quality and manufacturing from HUSCO’s Automotive division with the application experience, system acumen and rugged product durability of HUSCO’s Off-Highway division.

Over the past 20 years, the HUSCO Automotive Division has grown to become a global leader in design and manufacturing of electro-hydraulic cartridge valves. These products are engineered to meet the extremely high duty cycle requirements of the automotive market. HUSCO currently ships nearly 30 million units per year globally for a wide range of automotive applications that require near perfect performance over the lifetime of the vehicle.

HUSCO’s Automotive division focuses on high volume applications for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers that enable higher levels of automotive fuel efficiency and performance. As fuel efficiency requirements across the globe continue to increase, including the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements in the United States, HUSCO has been a collaborative partner in increasing vehicle efficiency for OEMs, providing innovative product design and manufacturing capabilities to meet these difficult requirements.

The manufacturing processes needed to meet the quality and volume requirements of the automotive industry go beyond what is readily available in the market. To meet these demands, HUSCO’s Automotive division has developed unique expertise to specify, design and build the specialized manufacturing equipment needed to meet the highest levels of product excellence.

Each of HUSCO’s automotive product lines involves high levels of automation focusing on error proof assembly and test processes designed to achieve zero defect manufacturing. These same procedures have been utilized in the manufacture of HUSCO Off-Highway’s solenoid cartridge offerings.

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