SCX Development

HUSCO International has long held a tradition of being the engineering leader in mobile hydraulic control valves. The name HUSCO was developed in the 1950’s from the words Hydraulic Unit Specialty Company. Traditionally, HUSCO’s investment in engineering has been second to none. HUSCO has become renowned as a supplier that can develop any valve for any application. This reputation stands today and has been demonstrated by the development of creative products and application expertise, and has resulted in HUSCO being an extension of the engineering organization for many OEM’s around the world.

The demands of today’s fast-paced and quick-to-market environment do not always afford OEM’s the time required for the development of a fully customized hydraulic control valve. Global competition also requires OEMs to carefully scrutinize machine component cost, resulting in a constant reconciliation between the need to offer premium machine control and reduce cost.

HUSCO has recognized this changing market and subsequently chartered its team of engineers to develop off-highway hydraulic control valves that offer OEMs the premium, customized, application-specific machine control that they desire and the affordability that they demand.

HUSCO International offers platform product designs that are produced with common, flexible manufacturing processes which allow us to reduce product and logistics cost. With this approach, application customization is achievable with spool and circuit modification. This strategy is extremely effective in reducing costs and risks related to customization, and at the same time it provides the benefit of a customized product to meet customer-specific application needs.

HUSCO’s SCX hydraulic control valve family is a perfect example of a product that has been engineered to be modular, flexible, easily customized, and produced at any of HUSCO’s global manufacturing sites on a common manufacturing platform.

There are three SCX platform variants: SCX300, SCX180, and the SCX120. The SCX platform enjoys the benefit of high volume, common components coupled with a flexible and modular valve and manufacturing design that enables customers to receive an extremely efficient, cost-effective, and precise mobile hydraulic control valve for their demanding applications.

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