Genesis – Manufacturing Innovation

In 2007, HUSCO began a deliberate journey to redefine its manufacturing strategy and methodology. This journey coincided with the development of flexible platform products, expansion of a global manufacturing footprint, and an increasingly global customer base. This Genesis initiative set out to recreate the standard HUSCO manufacturing process and then propagate it to all HUSCO global facilities.

“Use manual, low-capital methods or invest in differentiating technology and quality-driven processes?”
This was an easy question to answer.

The Concept of Genesis

Genesis methodology incorporates cutting-edge manufacturing technology, vigorous training, and structured six sigma problem solving techniques to foster a culture that is rich in customer and quality focus. Through the Genesis culture, the objective was to produce a highly flexible global valve assembly and test process and a culture to produce world class quality, productivity, and customer responsiveness.

The Structure of Genesis

Genesis assembly and test cells include state-of-the-art washing, spool bore sizing, and data acquisition equipment. SPC and computerized work instructions are also used to ensure that the process stay in control and up to date. Vigorous mistake proofing processes and equipment have also been put into place.

The Proof of Genesis

Seemingly good designs on paper are only worthwhile if the promised results are proven in practice. The proof of the value of the Genesis project has been validated by the actual results

  • Assembly and torque errors have been reduced by 70%
  • Operator training has been greatly simplified
  • The flexible, modular Genesis cell can be relocated in two weeks
  • 60% reduction in customer quality PPM
Genesis Globally

Genesis processing cells along with their robust methodology and culture of customer focus have been successfully propagated to all of HUSCO’s facilities in the U.S, England, India, and China.

We built a Global Manufacturing Network

To provide high quality, competitively priced products to all our customers around the world.

Genesis has enabled HUSCO to create a global manufacturing network to provide flexible, high-quality products wherever customers are located. The flexibility and modular nature of the test and assembly cells also enables transfer from one factory to another as market and customer needs change. This unique flexibility has helped differentiate HUSCO as the global leader of the design and manufacture of mobile hydraulic control valves and systems.

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