Engineering Excellence in India

In 2007, HUSCO established a new manufacturing and engineering center in Pune India. From a green-field space, HUSCO International – Pune (HIP) was born. The intent for HIP was to be a manufacturing base in a significant global growth region for HUSCO and to be a site of engineering excellence for the region and engineering support for HUSCO globally.

At the time, other international companies were establishing a presence in India and some also were establishing engineering groups. Many of these companies were using India engineering as “back office” support; doing administrative tasks or low level drawing work. HUSCO has always placed an emphasis on engineering excellence. HIP would be no different. HUSCO recognized the high level of regional growth potential, the need for competent engineering expertise, and the high level of technical capability that was available in India. HUSCO also recognized that global customers and a global competitive hydraulic control valve market meant that there was a need to reduce development time for new products and that a 24 hour engineering culture was necessary to flourish.

HUSCO’s commitment to developing engineering in India was evident in the training provided to the initial team of engineers. A full year before the facility was established, HUSCO hired the initial group of 13 engineers that were immersed into project groups in the US and UK.

In addition to training, best-class engineering tools needed to be deployed to meet the level of engineering required. Large investments in software and laboratory were made so that a high level of analysis and validation could be done.

HUSCO’s India engineering continues to expand as many new advanced engineering programs are launched. HUSCO is very confident that the talent developed in Pune will continue to provide technological advancements to HUSCO’s global customers.

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