A clear mission, intelligent strategy and strong corporate values establish the foundation for our success. But it is our people and culture – the underlying norms, values & belief system – that differentiate us from our competition and give HUSCO a distinct competitive advantage. Our success is our legacy.




Efficiency Improvements

Historically, mobile hydraulic control valve development focused on maximizing productivity (primarily controllability) and quality while trying to minimize costs. Machine efficiency was not a significant metric for optimization. However, there has been a recent market shift and OEMs now demand higher efficiency in response to Tier IV impact and fuel costs. Read More


HUSCO Hitch Development

HUSCO recognized that current hitch control systems on the market had much room for improvement with cost, performance, and ease of use. The current systems are complicated, confusing to the operator, ergonomically cumbersome, and more costly than needed. This market need has led HUSCO’s team of engineers and application experts to develop a better system. Read More


Engineering Excellence in India

In 2007, HUSCO established a new manufacturing and engineering center in Pune India. From a green-field space, HUSCO International – Pune (HIP) was born. The intent for HIP was to be a manufacturing base in a significant global growth region for HUSCO and to be a site of engineering excellence for the region and engineering support for HUSCO globally. Read More


SCX Development

The SCX platform development was initiated by a global review of market hydraulic control valve requirements for construction and material handling applications. Once the requirements were established, existing HUSCO products were assessed to identify the best attributes and features to include. Read More


Genesis – Manufacturing Innovation

In 2007, HUSCO began a deliberate journey to redefine its manufacturing strategy and methodology. This journey coincided with the development of flexible platform products, expansion of a global manufacturing footprint, and an increasingly global customer base. This Genesis initiative set out to recreate the standard HUSCO manufacturing process and then propagate it to all HUSCO global facilities. Read More


Six Sigma

HUSCO had a vision to become a world class leader in hydraulics quality. A key component to improving quality was the development and implementation of a Six Sigma program. For HUSCO, implementation of Six Sigma represents a cultural change in the approach to ensuring customer quality. Read More

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