Finding a home on not just construction, agriculture or shipping sites but increasingly where rough conditions and moving of large amounts of materials intersect, rough terrain telescopic handlers, otherwise called telehandlers are known for their rugged versatility. These machines’ capabilities are being expanded by a growing list of attachments that allow for stacking cargo higher, maneuvering larger loads and moving jobsite materials faster. Telehandlers and their cousins, masted forklift trucks and rotating telehandlers are also stretching into new applications such as crane functions and even aerial work platform duty.

All of these operations for the rough terrain forklift requires robust hydraulics and precision hydraulic control valves that can maximize productivity – whether that be better fuel efficiency or just more work from less horsepower.

HUSCO offers a diverse line of hydraulic control strategies designed directly for the telehandler market. From conventional spool type valves to innovative custom cartridge & manifold solutions, our experience in rough terrain forklifts spans decades. Our range of products can handle pressures of the lift capacities found in the market, as well as stabilizer control systems that have been field proven on a variety of machines including backhoes and rough terrain crane applications.

This experience has led to HUSCO being able to integrate EN15000 features within our valve ranges, to reduce the overall system cost of such requirements to the OEM. Examples include; pump isolation as well as pilot pressure cut-out valves. These systems are available for both fixed and variable pump circuits. The valves can also be equipped with external pilot supply ports for the operation of counterbalance valves. Another service offered by HUSCO is to share the calibration data of every valve so that the OEM can improve machine performance by matching the valve to the rest of the control system and joystick.

Further, our knowledge of complete hydraulic system design and product line of automotive grade cartridges makes HUSCO a strong partner that can support OEM engineering with our globally-based engineering and production capabilities to offer best in class machine performance.



HUSCO’s MX line of hydraulic main control valves are the next step in Pressure Compensated Load Sense (PCLS) control. The valve platform contains a number of advanced features that offers even greater degrees of control. Excelling beyond every day operation, the MX valve series solves multifunction control issues through the use of industry-leading flow-splitting technologies and innovative circuitry to boost overall performance and productivity without relying on complex compensator strategies. The MX offers smart features, cost effective architecture and unique integrated EH operation making it an ideal valve for telehandler and similar applications. Read more about the MX rang


Manifold Solutions

HUSCO has a 20 year history of innovating and building made-to-order cartridge manifold solutions for the agricultural and construction markets. Our extensive hydraulic circuit design knowledge allow us to custom design manifold systems that work at the highest level of performance for whatever the application may be, from conventional telescoping telehandlers, Roto telescopic handlers, straight mast forklifts or unique warehouse solutions. Read more about HUSCO Manifold capabilities.



Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

HUSCO has created new level of EH precision with its series of Electro-hydraulic Proportional Pressure Reducing (EPRV) cartridge valves. By using design and production processes that our Automotive division uses for the global OEM vehicle market, HUSCO has developed a line of valves that are expressly designed to meet and exceed the performance and duty cycle requirements of the off-highway and material handling markets. A higher level of operational fidelity, repeatability and longevity can be had in EH hydraulic systems that open a variety of possibilities. These gains can only be had from the unique design features that set HUSCO manufactured cartridge valves apart from the competition. Integrating HUSCO hydraulic cartridges with our global manifold design and manufacturing capabilities opens the door for a new level of machine control applications. Read more about HUSCO Cartridges.



INCOVA (INtelligent COntrol VAlve) is a revolutionary hydraulic control technology that can improve machine efficiency greater than 20% whilst providing the next generation in machine control flexibility and application of operator defined modes. The technology overcomes the efficiency and controllability barriers of conventional hydraulic main control valve technology by replacing mechanically-limited spool valve systems with intelligent, independently actuated electronic controls without sacrificing controllability to improve efficiency.




The HUSCO 5000 series hydraulic control valves are time tested products designed for cost effective, open center control with fixed displacement pumps. These valves can be operated via pilot signal, mechanical means and now electro-hydraulic control with the 5000EH series.






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