Skid Steers

HUSCO is the world leader in skid steer loader mobile control valve solutions. For open center machines, modular and flexible valve solutions are available as well as purpose-designed monoblocks are available. These mobile hydraulic control valve options provide features such as series circuitry and multiple actuation types. For high performance closed center solutions, flexible and efficient valve families are available that are capable of manual, pilot, and low cost electro-hydraulic operation. All valve platforms have numerous potential value added options which can differentiate the skid steer loader.


The 9210 valve series is a cost-effective mono block valve that is available in two and three spool versions. This designed specifically for loader applications up to 75 lpm. This compact, open-center control valve series will maximize loader performance. Learn more



The 9610 valve series is a high performance, cost-effective 3-spool monoblock valve designed specifically for skid steer applications up to 130 lpm. Available features such as spool locks, pilot operation, and regen spools are available to optimize the demanding requirements of skid steer loaders. Learn more




The 5000 open-center valve series is a robust, cost-effective, and compact valve for agricultural, construction, forestry and material handling applications up to 100 lpm. Learn more

New Solutions

HUSCO has developed several new control solutions for the Construction and Material Handling markets. These new solutions are an outcome of HUSCO’s deep machine understanding and application know-how which came from extensive machine evaluation and testing. These new technologies comprise of a combination of novel circuits and new control valve solutions. These solutions provide improved operational efficiency and better controllability at a reduced cost with increased reliability. For more information, contact a local HUSCO sales representative.

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