Motor Graders, Wheel Loaders, and Dozers

HUSCO International’s flexible and modular valve designs lend themselves well to satisfying motor grader, wheel loader, and dozer applications. Concerns over controllability, hydraulic efficiency, and reliability are prompting these machines to migrate further towards integrated electro-hydraulic control and unique control valve solutions to satisfy their needs. HUSCO’s products and global team of engineers and application experts are available to provide the necessary solutions and act as an extension of OEM engineering groups.


The 5000 open-center valve series is a robust, cost-effective, and compact solution for agricultural, construction, forestry and material handling applications up to 100 lpm. Learn more


The 6000 series is an open-center directional control valve designed for use with parallel, conventional and series circuit hydraulic systems for applications up to 130 lpm. Model 6000 inlets, mid in-lets, outlets and spools sections provide a compact envelope to save space. Learn more


The 5000CC CompChek® valve series is a closed center, load sense, sectional valve with individual section compensation. The 5000CC features precise metering and a compact package size to accommodate a variety of agricultural, construction, forestry, and material handling applications up to 100 lpm. This valve family is available in 52mm wide sections which provide the necessary space to attach threaded couplers. Learn more



The SCX180 is a closed-centered, sectional control valve well suited for applications requiring flow rates up to 180 lpm that require flow sharing. Its efficient and modular design incorporates electro-hydraulic control capability for a very cost effective and compact solution. Manual and pilot operation is also available as well as a variety of auxiliary attachments. Learn more




The 7100 valve series consists of single or multiple mobile hydraulic control valves in a single monoblock construction. Creative design enables circuitry combinations to be provided in a compact package for flow rates up to 300 lpm. Optional split flange connections and multiple end mechanisms and auxiliary features are sure to satisfy the most challenging of high flow applications such as mining trucks and loaders. Learn more


The SCX300 is a closed center, load sense, sectional control valve with individual section compensation. The SCX300 is a precise metering, high performance, and cost effective solution for a variety of high flow construction, forestry and material handling applications up to 300lpm. Learn more

New Solutions

HUSCO has developed several new control solutions for the Construction and Material Handling markets. These new solutions are an outcome of HUSCO’s deep machine understanding and application know-how which came from extensive machine evaluation and testing. These new technologies comprise of a combination of novel circuits and new control valve solutions. These solutions provide improved operational efficiency and better controllability at a reduced cost with increased reliability. For more information, contact a local HUSCO sales representative. Learn more

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