Forklift Trucks


HUSCO has been producing mobile hydraulic control valves for the material handling equipment market for over three decades. In that time, we have produced innovative hydraulic system solutions for all manner of lift truck, fork truck, reach stacker and other machines that move and position material. Our experience extends across highly efficient electric vehicles as well as high performance and cost competitive control valves for internal combustion (IC) machine classes.

From off the shelf and custom designed hydraulic spool valve systems to high performance automotive grade cartridge and bespoke manifold valve solutions, HUSCO has the product experience and range to bring out the best hydraulic system performance from any material handling machine.


The 5000 open-center valve series is a robust, cost-effective, and compact solution ideal for material handling applications up to 100 lpm. These valves can be operated via pilot signal, mechanical levers and now electro-hydraulic (EH) control with the 5000EH series. The series contains a number of specialized sections available to easily create a control solution that brings out the best in a lift truck.




The 5000CC CompChek® valve series is a closed center, load sense, sectional control valve with individual section compensation. This valve family features precise metering and flows up to 100 LPM. The valve series features a compact package size to accommodate a variety of material handling applications especially where space is at a premium. The 5000CC is available in 38.1mm for compact applications or 52mm wide sections  allowing direct attachment of threaded couplers.


Cartridge & Manifold Solutions

Leveraging our knowledge base of mobile hydraulic circuit design and global engineering staff, we can custom design a manifold system that works with the highest level of performance. Coupling our manifold design experience with HUSCO’s extensive work function tuning acumen has allowed us to further refine and customize each system to each OEM’s unique operational parameters. This machine tuning capability is built on the use of state of the art data acquisition equipment, analysis software, and coupled with proprietary software design tools to bring out the best performance from every machine.

Using our own series of Electro-hydraulic Proportional Pressure Reducing (EPRV) cartridge valves designed to meet the performance and duty cycle requirements of the off-highway and material handling markets, a higher level of operational fidelity, repeatability and longevity can be had in EH hydraulic manifold based cartridge systems. Built using the same design know-how and manufacturing processes as our Automotive group’s high volume products destined for the global OEM vehicle market, we have brought that same level of high quality product to markets like forklift trucks and reach stackers that can open a variety of possibilities.



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