Whether mass digging, grading, craning or other jobsite specific operations, excavators are perhaps the most complex production earthmoving machine available. They require the greatest of precision, efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness from their operations. That precision has to happen on all work functions in the mobile hydraulic system: at the bucket, arm, boom and slew.

At HUSCO, we have decades of global experience designing and manufacturing mobile hydraulic control valves for mini, compact and midi-excavators in the smaller ranges for wheeled, Medium and large excavating machines. We have considerable experience in tuning and analysis of all these machine’s exacting work function abilities. These experiences come together to create an industry-leading portfolio of main control valve technologies that have been field proven performers in China, North America, Europe, India and beyond.

Our product portfolio for excavators range from open center, gear pump configurations, closed center Pressure Compensated Load Sense (PCLS), to independent metering (IMVT) systems that can all be tuned to run efficiently on single or multi-pump system machines. All hydraulic control systems by HUSCO have the capability to be operated in a number of ways, including manual, pilot control or Electro-Hydraulic (EH) methods.



INCOVA is a revolutionary hydraulic control technology designed to maximize efficiency and controllability of hydraulic excavators. INCOVA overcomes the efficiency and controllability barriers of conventional excavator main control valve technology by replacing current mechanically-limited spool valve systems with intelligent independently actuated electronic controls. While conventional systems sacrifice controllability to improve efficiency, INCOVA can improve machine efficiency greater than 20% whilst providing the next generation in machine control flexibility and application of operator defined modes.


HUSCO’s MX line of hydraulic main control valves are the next step in Pressure Compensated Load Sense (PCLS) control. The valve platform contains a number of advanced features that offers even greater degrees of control. Excelling beyond every day operation, the MX valve series solves multifunction control issues through the use of industry-leading flow-splitting technologies and innovative circuitry to boost overall performance and productivity without relying on complex compensator strategies. The MX series is available from mini-excavators through to wheeled excavators and can be scaled to fit most applications.


FS-series hydraulic control valves constitute a refined, simple solution to machine control that combines the simplicity of open center valve design with the efficiencies produced from variable pump configurations. Combined with HUSCO’s OEM-grade tuning capabilities, these Flow Summation equipped valves provide smoothness, controllability & efficiency comparable to the more advanced 20 ton excavator systems – but at a much more effective cost. FS control valves are available for mini-excavators up to 20 ton applications.



An industry tested PCLS hydraulic valve platform purposely developed for the excavator market to tackle the demands for finer machine control and greater efficiency and control through the closed center operation of load sense pumps. Having been in the market for almost ten years, the SCX line of sectional control valves have a proven track record as a solid performer. The platform has been expanded over this period offering many configurations that can be used to further customize the SCX hydraulic control valve to nearly any application, from manual, pilot and integrated electro-hydraulic control to the operation of machine propulsion and auxiliary functions.


The HUSCO 5000 series hydraulic control valves are time tested products designed for cost effective, open center control. These valves can be operated via pilot signal, mechanical means and now electro-hydraulic control with the 5000EH series.




Open Center solutions

HUSCO offers a number of industry tested open center hydraulic valves, both in monoblock and in sectional configurations. Developed for the gear pump market, our open center products can be operated by pilot, manual control and in the case of the 5000EH, can be operated electro-hydraulically for even greater flexibility and control.


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