Access Equipment

Aerial Work Platforms like Scissor Lifts and Man BasketsAerial work platforms, scissor lifts, access platforms, man baskets, warehouse solutions or general utility, are machines that require greater precision and specialized considerations for safety of its operators. Both of these aspects end up requiring purpose-built hydraulic control solutions for the industry. The machines themselves vary by the type of work and load capacity  work they’re designed to handle, making custom hydraulic circuitry a priority for OEMs.

HUSCO has a history of creating bespoke hydraulic circuit solutions for a variety of high performance and high demand applications ranging from telehandlers to semi-active suspensions to driveline control. With flow ranges from 1 lpm to 180 lpm, we have the range necessary for all access equipment applications using any power source, including internal combustion engines, electric or hybrid. For the access equipment market HUSCO is uniquely placed to support OEM engineering and production through completed system circuit knowledge and cartridges designed and manufactured by the HUSCO Automotive division.

HUSCO has decades of electro-hydraulic control experience in high precision applications or remote unit control, whether that be through industry-proven hydraulic spool valve solutions or through a variety of cartridge valve manifold configurations that our globally based engineering team can design. We are proud to offer this experience with our high volume, high quality manufacturing processes to offer exact solutions for today’s OEM’s.

Manifold Solutions

For over 20 years, HUSCO has been building made-to-order hydraulic integrated circuits  using cartridge manifold solutions for the agricultural and construction markets. Leveraging our knowledge base of hydraulic circuit design and global engineering staff, we can custom design a manifold system that works with the highest level of performance for whatever the application may be, from telescopic boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, scissor lifts, utility trucks or other unique warehouse solutions. Read more about HUSCO Manifold capabilities.

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

Partnering with our Automotive division, HUSCO has introduced its own series of Electro-hydraulic Proportional Pressure Reducing (EPRV) cartridge valves designed to meet the performance and duty cycle requirements of the off-highway and material handling markets. Built using the same design know-how and manufacturing processes as our Automotive group’s high volume products destined for the global OEM vehicle market, we have brought that same level of high quality product to markets like aerial work platforms. With patented design features that set these cartridge valves apart from the competition, a higher level of operational fidelity, repeatability and longevity can be had in EH hydraulic systems that open a variety of possibilities. Coupling these hydraulic cartridges with our manifold design and manufacturing capabilities allows a new level of machine control applications. Read more about HUSCO Cartridges.


HUSCO’s SCX line of Pressure Compensated Load Sense (PCLS) sectional valves have been proven in the market for over ten years. SCX valves offer best-in-class flow sharing performance, using a proven post-pressure compensated load sense (PCLS) circuit. The valve allows for consistent start of metering, regardless of function load and engine speed – making machine performance more predictable and reliable for the operator.  The SCX valve series has been designed from the start for integrated Electro-hydraulic (EH) valve control to enable easy and cost effective electronic controls of any machine function. SCX has been successfully applied on nearly every type of construction and material handling equipment including telehandlers, FLTs, wheel loaders, backhoes, cranes and excavators.

Coupling the SCX design with HUSCO’s extensive work function acumen has allowed the company to further refine and customize each valve to each OEM’s unique operational parameters, through the use of state of the art data acquisition equipment and analysis software, coupled with proprietary software design tools to bring out the best performance from every machine.  Read more about HUSCO SCX PCLS spool valves.


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