thumb-excavatorsHUSCO International offers a complete range of hydraulic control valves for excavator applications. HUSCO’s excavator system expertise and use of detailed machine analysis and customized circuits allows machines to be tuned for optimal hydraulic efficiency and smooth operation. HUSCO has a full range of fixed and variable flow valves that can properly equip machines from mini-excavators to 20 ton excavators. Machines above 20 ton can be outfitted with HUSCO’s proprietary poppet valve systems or hybrid poppet and spool valve solutions. No matter what size excavator, HUSCO has a hydraulic control solution that meets the demands of today’s OEMs. Learn More

Skid Steers

thumb-skid-steersHUSCO is the world leader in skid steer loader valve solutions. For open center machines, modular and flexible valve solutions are available as well as purpose-designed monoblocks are available. These valve options provide features such as series circuitry and multiple actuation types. For high performance closed center solutions, flexible and efficient valve families are available that are capable of manual, pilot, and low cost electro-hydraulic operation. All valve platforms have numerous potential value added options which can differentiate the skid steer loader. Learn More


thumb-telehandlersHUSCO International is a world leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic control valves for the telehandler applications. Application solutions are achieved by exploiting HUSCO’s wide breadth of sectional platform valves. Staples of the telehandler market are the robust open center valves that can be combined into one valve assembly to meet the flow needs of every manufacturer. All of these HUSCO valves offer a variety of spool Operations: manual, pilot pressure or electro-hydraulic. In addition to valve solutions HUSCO provides telehandler manufacturers full control options with electronic controllers and pilot joysticks. Finally, a closed loop hitch control system complete with sensors, controller, and human interface panel is available for telehandlers equipped with a three point hitch. Learn More

Forklift Trucks

Forklift-Trucks-150x150HUSCO International provides custom hydraulic control valves for Fork Lift Truck manufacturers around the world. Using platform valves with proven industry success provides manufacturers with robust, efficient solutions. HUSCO’s valve solutions can support any fork lift truck application. Customer specific solutions are also developed to help customers gain the competitive advantages they demand with focus on cost, reliability, controllability and efficiency. Existing HUSCO platforms and new customer solutions offer an array of spool operations: manual, pilot pressure control, electro-hydraulic or any combination of these to meet the needs of any material handling application. Learn More

Backhoe Loaders

thumb-backhoe-loadersHUSCO International is a global leader in the design & manufacture of hydraulic control valve solutions for Backhoe Loaders. Backhoe loader applications range from open-center solutions with metering “feel” to the more intuitive closed-center solutions with precise control. HUSCO specializes in offering optimal control solutions with monoblocks and sectional valves to satisfy the desired applications. In addition to base loader and excavator valves, HUSCO also provides optional features such as side-shift clam, low pressure regen, low-leak checks, and magnetic detent for return-to-dig functionality. Learn More


thumb-cranesSafety and controllability are of paramount concern for the crane application market. HUSCO International specializes in providing hydraulic control valves to meet this demanding market. HUSCO has extensive experience with applying the correct solution for optimal machine system performance. Learn More

Motor Graders, Wheel Loaders, and Dozers

thumb-wheel-loadersHUSCO International’s flexible and modular valve designs lend themselves well to satisfying motor grader, wheel loader, and dozer applications. Concerns over controllability, hydraulic efficiency, and reliability are prompting these machines to migrate further towards integrated electro-hydraulic control and unique control valve solutions to satisfy their needs. HUSCO’s products and global team of engineers and application experts are available to provide the necessary solutions and act as an extension of OEM engineering groups. Learn More

Mining Trucks

thumb-mining-trucksHUSCO International has a long history of provide hydraulic control valves for mining trucks. These applications often require unique features such as dead engine lower, cooler bypass for implement return, and very low pressure drop because of the extremely high flow demands. Learn More

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