HUSCO International provides a full range of efficient and high performance hydraulic control valves and system solutions to equip agricultural tractors across the entire power range. These valves include open center monoblock solutions designed specifically for front end loader applications to closed center, pressure compensated high flow solutions. Integration between valves, sensors and control panel have enabled HUSCO to provide a closed loop hitch control system for the most demanding of performance requirements. Learn more

Combine Harvesters

HUSCO International provides a system solution for header height and tilt control. The integration of valves, sensors and controllers allows closed loop position and load control of a combine header and displays feedback to the operator via the HUSCO human interface control panel. This system includes height, tilt, transport, and ground pressure control. Learn more

Specialty Applications

HUSCO has the application and engineering expertise to appropriately apply or develop solutions for almost any off-highway application. HUSCO’s team of global experts is available to answer questions and be an extension of an OEM’s engineering organization to provide machine solutions for today or tomorrow. For more information, contact a local HUSCO representative. Learn more

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