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Our Beginnings

The HUSCO International story began in 1983 when Agustin Ramirez, Jr. was assigned to develop a strategic plan for HUSCO International, a subsidiary of Koehring/AMCA. Ramirez recognized the tremendous growth potential that could be unlocked by separating HUSCO from AMCA and allowing the company to market its products to other major OEMs of off-highway equipment. This conclusion ultimately led Ramirez to lead a management buyout of HUSCO in 1985. Learn More

Culture of Innovation
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A clear mission, intelligent strategy and strong corporate values establish the foundation for our success. But it is our people and culture the underlying norms, values & belief system that differentiate us from our competition and give HUSCO a distinct competitive advantage. Learn More

Protecting Our Technologies
Protecting our technologies

To maintain HUSCOs leadership in next generation technology, we aggressively protect our core technologies through patents while continuously monitoring the competitive patent landscape to insure that we stay focused on the leading edge technology in the industry. Learn More

Globally Minded

HUSCO Off-Highway is a Global company with the capability to provide locally manufactured components in virtually every major international market.

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A Division of HUSCO International

HUSCO Off-Highway is a division of HUSCO International, whose focus encompasses the construction, agriculture and mining industries as a Tier 1 supplier for innovative hydraulic control systems. Its sister division, HUSCO Automotive is a global designer and manufacturer of components for vehicle drivetrains and more. Both divisions are managed through the executive group based at the Waukesha, WI facility.

Please visit HUSCO International to learn more about HUSCO Off-Highway’s parent company or HUSCO Automotive.

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